HUESKER Geosintéticos S.A.U.
C/ O. Nave 8
31110 Noain (Navarra)

Información del Proyecto

Proyecto de construcción

Virginia Department of Transportation State Route 611


Appomattox, Virginia, US

Empresa constructora

American Paving Fabrics

Tiempo de ejecución

Installed May 4, 2016



Detalles del Proyecto


The existing pavement surface conditions on Route 611 near the intersection of VA SR 26 exhibited severe signs of delamination and “tearing” due to heavy truck braking on a mild grade approaching the stopping zone.


The State of Virginia selected HUESKER Inc., based in Charlotte NC the opportunity to install its high strength composite interlayer to improve the newly proposed hot mix asphalt overlay against delamination and reflective cracking. The surface wearing course was milled from approximately 130 lineal feet west of the intersection to remove badly damages pavement. The pavement was cleaned and prepared removing all residual debris allowing for the installation of the interlayer to proceed by American Paving Fabrics, Hanover MD. An Application rate of performance grade liquid asphalt tack was applied to the milled surface at a rate of 0.13 gal/sy applied at a temperature of approximately 310ºF. The remaining pavement surface was cleaned and an application rate of PG 64-22 was applied at a rate of 0.11 gal/sy, followed by the installation of the geogrid for an overall experimental test section of approximately 1,000 lineal feet on both lanes, for full width coverage.


The installation of the geogrid and wearing course was completed at approximately 4 pm on Monday April 4, 2016. The State of Virginia will continue to provide oversight on the surface performance of the roadway conditions.

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