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Aminti, P. | Mori, E. | Fantini, Pierpaolo

Submerged barrier for coastal protection application built with tubes in geosynthetics of big diameter in Tuscany – Italy


Whereas this field study is still in progress, an improvement in the amount of measured parameters is considered to be necessary, such as a wave measurement system.

In this phase of the research, it has been possible to reach some concluding remarks:

- Filling methods and pumping pressure should be precisely checked in order to achieve the desired height of the submerged barrier

- Scour protection and anchoring should be improved.

- The use of PET geocomposite, woven/non woven for manufacturing the tubes assures mechanical, hydraulic and filtering properties to the system

- There are not relevant differences in the performance of materials used for scour apron, but if a failure should happen, a non floating polymer is more stable and should therefore be preferred.

- Construction technology requires very accurate control during installation as well as periodic maintenance.

- There is extremely limited environmental impact during construction.

- There is a very rapid colonisation of marine flora.