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Rehabilitation of Water Bodies by Beneficial Re-Use of the Sediments in Geotextile Tubes


The scope of this paper is to illustrate the beneficial re-use of dredged lake sediments as a construction material for bank protection by means of geotextile tubes. This application allows a pragmatic and cost-efficient way to re-model the shape of a water body. The principal workflow of the geotextile tube system is shown and the advantages of the system are demonstrated by the example of the executed project "Schmelzteich Bernsdorf". In this project a private fishing society was required to maintain one of its a fishing lakes. Due to a sedimentation problem several issues, such as danger of inundation and reduced water quality had to be overcome. At the same time the local recreation quality had to be improved.


1. The use of geotextile tubes as shore line reinforcement was a crucial point in putting the owner of the lake into the position to implement the project by himself.

2. Together with other measures like the construction of a new outlet and the redesign of the local water management all goals with regards to urban design and the requirements of the fishing society were fulfilled.

3. The structural concept introduced here helped to keep the expenses affordable for the project owner.

4. Geotextile tubes can play a role as permanent elements not only in coastal protection projects at the seaside, but also in the field of water rehabilitation.

5. It has to be kept in mind, that the personal energy and working power of many people involved was free of charge. The simple and pragmatic approach of decision-makers on the planning side as well as the executing side, in combination with intense conversation allowed the project to be to executed the with great success.