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UmbraTex Blackout

Short Summary


Special plants need special care in order to grow ideally. Therefore, greenhouses are equipped with special light regulating systems. For breeding the bulbs of tulips, daffodils or hyacinth as well as the breeding of chrysanthemum, artificial light is used. At the same time, a relatively high temperature is usually required. However, reaching and maintaining this temperature is particularly difficult in badly insulated greenhouses.



The innovative UmbraTex Blackout is able to stop incoming light and light pollution to the outside by more than 99 % – so, unnecessary wasting of energy can be prevented. Based on the project demand, you can choose from the colour combinations white/white, black/white and black/black.

Object details:

Benefit from the advantages of our black-out fabric

  • More than 99 % black-out
  • Appro. 50 % energy saving
  • Flame protection classes:

          o   B1 (DIN 4102-1)

          o   Class 1, d0 (NTA 8825)

  • Various colour combinations (white/black)
  • White versions offer a high reflection effect inside the greenhouse
  • Supplied in rolls or made-to-measure
  • The use as indoor separations is also possible and offering more flexibility for your breeding operation

Why choose UmbraTex black-out fabric?

Based on the latest innovation programmes, particularly the saving of energy is set as a focus and funded accordingly. You support this trend sustainably by employing the quality fabrics from HUESKER. When installing UmbraTex Blackout, you save approx. 50 % of your energy while fulfilling all legal requirements regarding fire protection and light pollution through artificial lights in greenhouses.