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Ventitec Ventiladores de Gran Volumen de Aire

Short Summary

Efficient air distribution by high-volume fans

The Ventitec high-volume fan from HUESKER's Light and Air range helps to maintain a pleasant, cool environment in dairy barns. Alongside the intelligent Lubratec® wind protection/ventilation systems and Skytex® light ridges, the high-volume fan plays a key role in optimizing the indoor environment of livestock houses.

External heat is the number-one stress factor for dairy cows given the additional 18,956 - 56,870 BTU (20-60 MJ) of thermal energy per day generated by their own metabolic processes. Extra-large fans in livestock houses ensure uniform air distribution by drawing in warm air from above the fan and pushing this downwards and outwards in a broad cone. This allows the introduction of fresh outdoor air, which is then circulated across the entire dairy barn.




  • Available in two sizes: 24 ft (7.32 m) 16 ft and (4.88 m) in diameter
  • Lightweight, tapered and twisted aluminium blades
  • Air circulation across radius of up to 85 ft 4 in (26 m)
  • Extruded, precision-milled aluminium hubs and bolts
  • Compliance with highest safety standards
  • Multiple fans regulated by intelligent control system

Why choose Ventitec fans?

Our Ventitec fans require several times less energy than standard equipment, making them much more economical to run. The high-volume fans also offer superior performance while being exceptionally quiet in operation. Other key merits include their long service life and lack of any need for regular maintenance.