El tractor extiende la cubierta Agritec para remolacha azucarera: Aislamiento óptimo contra las heladas y la humedad para sus pinzas de remolacha azucarera
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Agritec® Sugar Beet Covers

Short Summary

Safely tucked away: reliable barrier protecting beet against moisture and frost

Agritec sugar beet covers offer sound protection for your stacks against moisture and frost. The breathable, water-repellent nonwoven creates optimum storage conditions, even over longer periods, while protecting the harvested crops against external action. The successful prevention of condensation, even in case of fluctuating temperatures, eliminates any risk of mould formation.


  • Extremely robust and tear-resistant

  • UV-resistant

  • Insulating

  • Breathable

  • Water-repellent

  • Evens out temperature fluctuations

  • Long service life due to reusability

Why choose Agritec sugar beet covers?

With Agritec sugar beet covers, your stacks are well-equipped to brave the cold and wet season. The robust barrier guarantees a moisture-free interior that will boost the returns from your sugar beet harvest.


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