Protección del medio ambiente en la construcción de infraestructuras: protección de las aguas subterráneas y del agua
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Short Summary

Road, rail and airport infrastructure produces large amounts of surface water when precipitation falls on paved areas and hardstandings. This run-off picks up any contaminants present on the surfacing before seeping into the adjoining ground. Hence the need for a controlled means of collecting and draining off the surface water from infrastructure, which normally involves the use of side channels.

Tektoseal® Clay liners provide a reliable seal for the subgrade below the base course. HUESKER offers a selection of geosynthetic products that are approved under the different regulations of the infrastructure operators.


Roads in water protection areas

The provision of adequate measures to eliminate any risk to the groundwater in water protection areas is always a stiff test for designers. Tektoseal Clay lining systems prevent the infiltration of hazardous liquids into the groundwater via paved or grass verges.

Airfield construction

On airfield projects, the runway shoulders are subject to special construction regulations. Due to the action of the turbines, all aircraft movements cause de-icing agents, de-icing salts and fuels such as kerosene to be scattered across the surrounding area. The controlled collection of these water-polluting substances is made possible through the use of HUESKER geosynthetics, namely bentonite mats (GCLs), which prevent seepage into the ground, even beyond the paved surfaces. This, in conjunction with suitable drainage products, prevents any contamination of the clean soil.

Railways in water protection areas

The track beds of railway lines running through water protection areas are subject to stringent requirements - the aim being to prevent contamination by fuel and lubricants of the groundwater in the area along the track. Additional precautions may be needed to cater for exceptional situations caused by accidents that involve the escape of water-polluting materials. Here too, HUESKER's NaBento® bentonite mat plays a central role in the groundwater protection system.