HUESKER UmbraTex & UmbraTex Air: Sombreado de alta calidad para invernaderos
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HUESKER Geosintéticos S.A.U.
C/ O. Nave 8
31110 Noain (Navarra)

UmbraTex & UmbraTex Air

Determinadas plantas están sujetas a unas rigurosas exigencias en términos de luz y agua. En respuesta a esas necesidades HUESKER ofrece textiles de protección desarrollados con la más alta tecnología, fabricados con malla fina, tejidos en polietileno o poliéster de alta resistencia y con una larga experiencia en cantidad de aplicaciones vinculadas a usos agropecuarios y de jardinería.


Through the use of multifilament yarns from resistant polyester, the fabrics become especially long-lasting, dimensionally stable and heat-resistant. UmbraTex is available in various shading coefficients and is used for indoor shading systems like roll screens, horizontal screens and gable screens.

The open structure of the newly developed UmbraTex Air creates an optimal ventilation inside the greenhouse. The unique weaving technique makes an efficient circulation at the roof hatch possible. Matching the UmbraTex shading fabrics, UmbraTex Air is available in the same shading coefficients – also visually an appealing combination.

  • 10-year UV-stability behind glass

  • expected service life of minimum 20 years

  • flame protection classes:

  •           o   B1 (DIN 4102-1)

  • o B-s1, d0 (DIN EN 13501-1)

  • o Class 1, dr0 (NTA 8825)

  • thermosetted

  • various shading coefficients possible

  • supplied in rolls or made-to-measure

  • different weights per unit area on offer

  • possible materials: polyester (PES)

Why choose HUESKER's UmbraTex Shading Fabrics?

HUESKER's shading fabrics will protect your plants from harmful direct sunlight. The shading performance varies according to the specified fabric type. HUESKER's fabrics are premium-quality products that excel by their longevity and dimensional stability.