Dos manos manchadas enmarcan un agujero natural en el centro. Las manos están manchadas de aceite y suciedad, mientras que el agujero intacto representa la naturaleza pura.



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HUESKER Geosintéticos S.A.U.
C/ O. Nave 8
31110 Noain (Navarra)

Ingeniería Ambiental

The Environmental Engineering business area offers a comprehensive range of products and solutions dovetailed to the project-specific challenges faced by our customers. It is broken down into the following segments: Landfill Construction, Groundwater Protection, Water Reservoirs and Sludge Lagoons.

The Landfill Construction segment offers a wide array of products (e.g. NaBento®, Fortrac® T) that have been officially approved by LAGA (Waste Working Group of German Federal and State Governments) and the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing as meeting stringent environmental and safety requirements.

The Groundwater Protection segment covers diverse applications that range from lining systems for landscape constructions to roadbuilding in water protection areas. HUESKER products such as Tektoseal® Clay geosynthetic clay liners comply, among other things, with the RiStWag (German Guidelines for Roadbuilding Works in Water Protection Areas).

The products (e.g. HaTe® non woven, Fortrac 3D®) of the Water Reservoirs segment are used to line and stabilise the slopes of stormwater holding and storage basins.

Sludge lagoons, which generally exhibit low bearing capacities, can be remediated through the use of HUESKER products (e.g. Basetrac® Duo) and system solutions. In some cases, this paves the way for their redevelopment into useful urban amenities, ranging from green spaces to industrial estates.